Friday, September 3, 2010

Antfarm Studios 10-26-02

1. Green Leprosy Boob
2. Wrath Of Shamash
3. The New One
4. Luther Htoo
5. Banter
6. Three Days (Jane's Addiction)
7. The Insect God
8. The Narrow Way (Pink Floyd)
9. Banter
10. Dante Damasco
11. School (Nirvana)

Here's one for die hards only! A few months into our quest, we played this totally sloppy, kind of wasted Halloween party at Ant Farm Studios in East Oakland. The instruments all sound pretty muddy, and you can't hear the vocals for shit.

I have a clear (or perhaps not so clear?) memory of hitting a six foot bong in the loft before the show whilst listening to Sweet Leaf on volume eleven, then eating from a casserole of delicious tamales. Let's get ready to play a show boys! As this was a Halloween gig, we peppered the set liberally with covers, and had a lot of wasted good times. The segue of Three Days (more of an interpretation than an actual cover) into The Insect God into The Narrow Way is pretty cool, I must say. You can hear us getting drunker and sloppier as the set goes on (and on... and on...). The mini disc recorder ran out of space right before the last song, which if I recall correctly was a pretty rippin' cover of Kyuss' Fatso Forgotso. Then I have a very unclear memory of us all partying at the warehouse, passing out there, waking up to the ghostly voice of Lou Reed coming out of someone's room, and us all going for a righteous breakfast at Quatros Caminos down the street. Fuck Yeah. -Clint

The Time Out 2-19-2005

1. Ignoramia
2.Flight Of The Nazgul / Gypsy Whiskey Mountain
3. Eye Of jupiter