Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome Friends, Old And New

Awhile back, Bruce and I were bantering over the phone about the sorry state of the mountains of hard to find and unreleased Hotblack Desiato recordings we had. Since the band broke up, there were a few ideas about how to get the material to anyone out there who cares. Concepts such as CDr volumes and four-tape boxed sets were proposed and ultimately rejected due the cost and lack of motivation to do work for a band that has been floating face down in Brickyard Pond for quite some time now!

Me and Bruce settled on the conclusion that we would develop a blog (in this modern age, a popular way of sharing music) to showcase the lost tunes. Wait patiently as we upload all this shit, but in due time we will grant access to all of the demos, official recordings, unreleased songs, and live recording that we have. It will be ridiculously thorough. To keep ourselves entertained, we will also probably throw in a smattering of tour photos, anecdotes and trivial information (where the fuck is Brickyard Pond, anyway?).


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