Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hotblack Desiato @ The Slaughterhouse, Oakland, CA 7-31-2004

I don't really remember much about this show except that I was excited to play at the Slaughterhouse, which was a pretty cool punk warehouse down near Jack London Square in Oakland. I remember our friend Kevin Kenyan heckling us and you can actually hear him on the recording. I also remember screwing up and you can hear that too. This guy Christian was working the soundboard and he did the recording off of that. I always liked working with that guy. It makes the drums sound nice. Clint or Bryce can probably remember more than I can. -Bruce

The Slaughterhouse was an amazing punk spot that actually WAS a slaughterhouse at one point. It has since been torn down and replaced by (of course!) condo lofts. The scene was a filthy paradise of labyrinthine corridors full of graffiti, drug use, and unsupervised teenage makeout parties. People stood in an inch of piss waiting for the insufficient bathrooms, which were also full of people making out and doing drugs. Ahh... the memories. I think I have the flyer for this show still. I'll post it if I find it. -Clint

Added the flyer. I don't remember this show at all actually, so that tells you a little about my lack of soberness that night. After listening to it, all in all I think it's a good example of our live sound. Kevin's heckling in between songs is quite priceless too. The things I do remember about the slaughterhouse was that yes, as Clint mentioned, was quite labyrinthine and I often would just stumble around in that places wondering where the fuck I was. They also had a huge collage of cut up nasty D-grade porn behind plexiglass in the main hall that always fascinated me. Go figure... -Bryce

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