Friday, August 20, 2010

KZSU Review

We must have sent our CD to KZSU at one point. I have no idea if they ever played anything from it, but much later I found this weird, track by track review, probably for DJs who might want to play some tracks. Some of the descriptions make sense, others sound like they're talking about a different band! Just goes to show how differently I think about some things I did than those who review them. Wait till we dig out the Maximum Rock N Roll review! Ha ha!! -Clint

Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-04-11

Loud/sludgey heavy rock/sometimes metal from Oakland. Kinda similar to Jesus Lizard, Glazed Baby, and Dinosaur Jr. , (without much of the ‘hippy’ parts) though not as loud and not doing anything that’s really making them stand out amongst any other bands that have gone this route.

1. (Hey Gringo) Heavy, noisy & disjointed rawk sung en espaƱol
2. (Brickyard Pond) Slow-ish, riffy , crawlin’
3. (Luther Htoo) Demented, fucked-up sludge, drum heavy, oozing.
4. (Sinking Into A Giant Crater Of Moondust) Excessive cowbell intro. WTF? What is this
Grand Funk? Big slab of melted boogie cheese.
5. (Insect God) Cigarette worn vocals, damaged darkside of the Dino Jr. 7” ?
6. (Evil Vacuum Wars) Roughshod, fuzz-heavy-rawk with some solid drumming.
7. (Wrath Of Shamash) Sloppy but fun, spur of the moment punk.
8. (White Widow Skull Bud) Bland stoner rock from satan’s armpit with incomphrensible as
Cannibal Corpse vocals.

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