Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hotblack Desiato In Print

Years ago, I used to do a very moody, very punk rock styled zine called Stop Go Destroy. In issue number 6, there are a couple of stories about Hotblack Desiato. This one is the ridiculous tale of our first road trip out of town, to a weird party in Eugene, Oregon that we didn't even get paid for. Bryce drew the picture of our van, Molestro. The night in Red Bluff was the subject of the Hotblack Desiato song "Wrath of Shamash."
And what comes now is a little vignette of life at the Hotblack Desiato house (The Secret Volcano Fortress) where we all lived together from the Spring of 2003 to the Fall of 2004. Ahh, let's have everyone live together! And have band practice in the basement! That will be so cool!

Lucy was the pit bull who slept on the couch most of the time and gaurded our weed plants.

One time this guy called us up on the house phone (back when people had house phones!) and I answered
"Secret Volcano Fortress!" Without a pause he asked
"Is Pele there?" Taken by surprise and dumbfounded, wrecked on hash and vicodin and steel reserve, I stuttered
"Uh, who?"
"Pele, at the Secret Volcano Fortress!"
And then I thought of course, why wouldn't Pele (the Hawaiian godess of fire, lightning, dance and VOLCANOS) be at the Secret Volcano Fortress? Very funny dude. I don't remember who that was on the phone. Some friend of a friend. Smartass.

Above: 5757 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA

So that's a trip down memory lane, memories of what it was like to be trapped in a van and a house with the Hotblacks. More coming soon once we dig it up. -Clint

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